Atheosv.1.0 Web Based, Cloud IDE

Atheos Plugins

Below are plugins tested and approved by the Atheos team. To install simply download and place the plugin's folder in (or git-clone into) the /plugins directory in Codiad. Then in the right-hand bar use the Plugins tool to enable the plugin. You can also easily write your own.

Name Description Author Download
NameAutoAlignDescriptionAdds better formatting through variable alignment and spacingAuthorHLSiira
NameBeautifyDescriptionBeautify PHP, CSS, JS & HTML for the Atheos IDEAuthorHLSiira
NameCollaborativeDescriptionAjax based Collaborative Plugin for Codiad. Requires version 2.x or newerAuthorHLSiira
NameMessagingDescriptionSend messages between users within AtheosAuthorHLSiira
NamePluginTemplateDescriptionBoilerplate for developing Atheos PluginsAuthorHLSiira
NameSassCompilerDescriptionSass/Scss Compiler for AtheosAuthorHLSiira
NameDevDocsDescriptionAccess DevDocs resources directly from within CodiadAuthorHLSiira
NameTerminalDescriptionProvides terminal emulation and interaction with serverAuthorHLSiira
NameIgnoreDescriptionHide/Ignore files and directories in the filemanagerAuthorHLSiira
NameMarkdownPreviewDescriptionDisplays a preview of markdown filesAuthorHLSiira
NameMinimapDescriptionCreates a minimap to get a quick overview of codeAuthorHLSiira
NameWinddownDescriptionA Sublte reminder to stand up and exerciseAuthorHLSiira
Please note: While we test plugins before adding them to this list we cannot guarantee quality or provide any warranty. If you have any issues please address them directly with the plugin author.

Submit a Plugin / Theme

If you would like to submit a plugin or theme, please open an issue on Github. Not sure how to get started? Check out the Atheos Plugin Template.