Atheosv.1.0 Web Based, Cloud IDE


List of Hotkeys currently supported by the system and editor

Ctrl/CMND may need to be interchanged depending on your system configuration.

HotKey Function HotKey Function
ESC Close any open dialogs / Exit multiedit CTRL+Space bar Autocomplete
CTRL+S Save current file ALT+⮝ Move current line(s) up
CTRL+O Open current file in browser ALT+⮟ Move current line(s) down
CTRL+F Find in current editor ALT+Shift+⮝ Copy current line(s) above current
CTRL+R Find & Replace/All in current editor ALT+Shift+⮟ Copy current line(s) below current
CTRL+H Advanced Search / Search & Replace CTRL+⮝ Switch to previous tab
CTRL+A Select All CTRL+⮟ Switch to next tab
CTRL+D Delete current line(s) CTRL+Z Undo
CTRL+P Find matching element [{()}] CTRL+Y Redo
CTRL+L Go To Line ALT+0 Fold all
CTRL+[ Decrease current line(s) indent ALT+Shift+0 Unfold all
CTRL+] Increase current line(s) indent CTRL+/ Comment Line