Atheosv.1.0 Web Based, Cloud IDE

Theme Creation

Themes are design extensions for Atheos to give your personal style to your users.

How do I add a new theme to Atheos

All themes are located in themes. Put your new theme in this folder and replace the default theme in your configuration with the folder-name of your theme:

How to get your own theme into the marketplace

If you would like to submit a theme , please email the GitHub repository and information about your theme to dev[at] Please note: While we test themes before adding them to this list we cannot guarantee quality or provide any warranty. If you have any issues please address them directly with the theme author.

How to create a new theme for Atheos

Generally spoken, the easiest way is to copy the default folder and edit it to your needs. For public using of your theme, we would prefer to create a new repository on github containing all your changes. This repository should have at least one and theme.json, such as the ones found in the default Atheos Theme.

As custom themes are not maintained by Atheos itself, we prefer to copy only components you want to modify as Atheos has a built-in functionality to take the default components if your theme does not have them. Looking at the example above, that would mean that only the filemanager would be modified and the other components loaded from the default theme.

Meta Data File


Theme file contains information about the theme, like name or author. It is formatted in JSON:

    "author" : "Your Name",
    "version": "Your Version",
    "url" : "Your Repository URL"