Atheosv.1.0 Web Based, Cloud IDE

How to Contribute

Your contributions are welcome and we're very open about how contributions are made, however, to keep order to things please take the following into consideration:

Git Messages

Please write proper git commit messages: Your git commit messages should be well thoughtout and complete. Please explain not only what you did, but why you did it / what was the goal you were trying to accomplish. For more information, please read: My Favourite Commit.

There is an established format for components which utilizes one JS (init.js) and one CSS (screen.css) which is handled by the loader file. Any other resources used should be loaded or accessed from one of these.

Don't Reinvent the Wheel! There's an API and defined, easy-to-understand set of methods for a reason - use them.

Stick to the conventions defined in other components as closely as possible.

CSS/SCSS Formatting

Everything should be pulled from a single CSS file in the end, plugins aside, in order to reduce overall fetch requests.

Javascript Formatting

In order to maintain a consistant code structure to the code across the application please run any changes through JSBeautifier ( with the default settings.

The Events Library by Chris Ferdinandi is currently intended as only for permanent DOM nodes, and may potentially be removed in the future. If what you are modifying is always within the DOM upon intial load, please use events.js for event management. Otherwise, use document.(add/remove)EventListeners and clean up after yourself on unload.

If you have questions, please ask. Submit an issue or contact me directly.

PHP Formatting

In order to maintain a consistant code structure we follow PSR2 standards and using travis CI to validate a proper formatting.