Atheosv.1.0 Web Based, Cloud IDE

Active Component

The active component is used to track and manage all active editor sessions within an Atheos window.

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Memory Description Type
tabList Tab list of active files Onyx object
dropDownMenu Drop down list of active files Onyx object
sessions File paths of active tabs object
loopBehavior Loop through active files or dropdown menu string
dropDownOpen Current status of dropdown menu ["true" || "false"]

Methods = {

    init: function() {
        // Establishes the session object

    hasUnsavedChanges() {
        // Identifies and returns paths for open files with unsaved changes

    initTabListeners: function() {
        // Initializes event listeners for the drop down menu and tab list

    open: function(path, content, modifyTime, focus) {
        // Opens selected file and establishes session settings

    isOpen: function(path) {
        // Determines if requested file is already open and returns respective session

    getPath: function() {
        // Gets the file path of the file currently being edited

    check: function(path) {
        // Check if opened by another user

    add: function(path, session, focus) {
        // Adds newly opened files to tab list 
        // Checks if tab list is overflowed
        // Adds path to server history

    focus: function(path, direction) {
        // Brings session into editors active focus

    highlightEntry: function(path, direction) {
        // Highlights active tab and moves it to the tab list if it was in the dropdown menu

    markChanged: function(path) {
        // Changes status to "changed"
        // Registers change in tab list

    save: function(path) {
        // Saves the selected file

    saveAll: function() {
        // Saves all changed files

    close: function(path) {
        // Checks for unsaved changes
        // Closes the selected file

    closeAll: function() {
        // Checks for unsaved changes
        // Closes all sessions

    remove: function(path) {
        // Closes selected file without checking for unsaved changes

    removeAll: function() {
        // Closes all files without checking for unsaved changes

    reload: function(path, focus) {
        // Closes and reopens selected file

    rename: function(oldPath, newPath) {
        // Renames selected tab to new name

    move: function(direction) {
        // Changes the order of the selected tab in the tabList and drop down menu

    moveTab: function(destination, listItem, direction) {
        // Moves tab between the active tablist and the dropdown menu 

    isTabListOverflowed: function(includeFictiveTab) {
        // Checks if there is room to add another tab to the active tablist

    updateTabDropdownVisibility: function() {
        // Checks if tab needs to be moved to or from dropdown menu

    createListItem: function(path) {
        // Creates a new list item