Atheosv.1.0 Web Based, Cloud IDE


Every action performed on the system utilizes one or more of the components. Components are housed in the components directory and loaded into the system at run-time via the index file which looks specifically for a init.js in each folder. All other scripts should be loaded by the init.js file via the global function atheos.helpers.loadScript().

Any server side functions are handled by a controller.php file which interfaces with the class.{component}.php file to handle processing.

To add an entry to the right-hand panel see components/right_bar.json.

Originally, Atheos had a limited set of Icons to use. Moving forward, any icon provided by free tier of Font Awesome is available for use; currently the font icons can be hard coded into each file, however in future, a module might be created that will handle icon creation to help facilliate users being able to easily change out font files, and customize their Atheos expierence.