Atheos v.1.0
Atheosv.1.0 Web Based, Cloud IDE

Atheos Cloud Based IDE

Atheos is a web-based IDE framework with a small footprint and minimal requirements, built on top of Codiad by FluidByte and the Codiad Team. Keep up to date with the latest changes and news on Github


Atheos was built with simplicity in mind, allowing for fast, interactive development without the massive overhead of some of the larger desktop editors. That being said even users of IDE's such as Eclipse, NetBeans and Aptana are finding Atheos's simplicity to be a huge benefit. While simplicity was key, we didn't skimp on features and have a team of dedicated developers actively adding more.

...and with a team of passionate collaborators the list keeps growing.


Atheos consists of three panels; a left panel which houses the file manager and active files, center panel which is where editors reside, and a right panel which contains system and other controls. The right & left side panels collapse providing maximum real-estate to the editor.

Atheos Screenshot


Atheos requires a minimal server installation with Apache2, PHP 7+ and basic R/W access to several directories. Atheos has been tested to work on PHP 5.4, however PHP 7 is where active development takes place. There is no database requirement.

The application will work in modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and IE9+, though it is developed in Chrome

Getting Started

Installation of Atheos requires uploading the files and making several directories and a config file writeable. There is no database and no other server components are required. PHP 5.3 or above is recommended, however, the system will work with any version of PHP over v.5.

For more information please read the installation instructions within source.

Support the Atheos Project

Hey, this is @HLSiira.
If you want to support Codiad, and all the hard work that they did, please donate to them on Codiad. I am maintaining my fork of Atheos out of my own personal desire on my own personal time. I am just a dude who likes to program whenever I can as the job that I have has nothing to do with fun.
If you want to see Atheos be developed further, don't worry, it most likely will as I love working on it and want to see it succeed. The Codiad folks really created a piece of art.
A nice supportive email would do me just fine.